1. Bing it On Results

    Bing launched a Bing it On campaign, where they said people chose Bing in blind tests at a rate of 2 to 1. Long story short — it’s cheese-ball, desperate marketing with BS results.

    Tag along, as I take the Bit it On challenge. Maybe we’ll learn something along the way.

    Searching for a Company

    My first search is going to be for a company. The idea here is that on a day-to-day basis, I’m researching new clients, and their companies, and I want to be able to get the most relevant information about them as quickly as possible.

    Specific Comments (see image for corresponding numbers):

    1. In the search above, Google is a clear winner because of their SiteLinks feature. Google is allowing me to deep dive right into the Avelient website. The added benefit, is that Google is not having to display sub-pages in the results immediately following the top result. It gives those spots to other important Avelient related results.

    Bing’s results are all over the place, sure, the first 3 results between Bing and Google are the same, and that is important, but after those first three results, Bing goes all over the place.

    Google wins round one, because I was able to quickly dive deeper into relevant content about my search within the first 3 results.

    Search for a Person

    Specific Comments:

    1. Hey. Why are you linking your top results, and my website to some crappy 3rd party website like Zoominfo? They basically scrape data and are notoriously crappy.
    2. Not my current Twitter account. I changed that 60 days ago. Google updated. Sup Bing? U mad?
    3. Hey, you got 3 of the images right, 2 are totally unrelated I hate that. Also, thanks for cluttering up the page with stuff that distracts me from my search.
    Google wins because they link to current information, and the results are clean, and easy to parse.

    Searching for an Animal

    Specific Comments:

    1. I did not search for “Great Dane Pictures”. Why do these pictures take up so much real estate. In the second column, Google still gives people access to Great Dane specific pictures, but with smaller thumbnails that let you see the other search results.
    2. The results on this page are just better. They are 100% relevant, and authoritative results. If we’re going to talk search quality alone, Google wins here again.
    3. I do like that bing has videos embedded into the page here, however it’s the same as the pictures issue, I didn’t search for videos and they’ve dropped a large row of videos into the results, breaking up the other results. It’s obtrusive. If you look at Google in the right hand column, they only seem to include a video because it is relevant and apart of the normal results.
    4. Sigh.
    Google win’s here, even if Bing isn’t that bad for this search result.

    Searching for a Sports Team

    Specific Comments:

    1. Watch? There is no game going on. Why is this button here? If I click it, it just ultimately disappoints me. How is this just not link-baiting?
    2. What the hell? Is bing trying to play some Inception type game? Great movie, horrible search idea.
    3. Google will always win for this. If I do a search for any sports team, it will give me relevant data. For example, if I search while the team is playing a game, it gives me game data, if they aren’t playing, but the season is still current, they will show standings with quick links to explore the data more fully.
    4. SiteLinks. Google wins.
    5. Sigh.

    Google wins hands down here. Context is going to become more and more important and Google’s is way ahead of Bing here.

    Search for Movies

    Specific Comments:

    1. Uh. No. Really? Did they pay to get this #1 spot? Their site is a POS.
    2. Hey look, Google has served up local, contextual data that is actually relevant to my search.
    3. Again, Google serves up better results that actually take me to local theaters that are showing movies in my area.
    Google wins. Duh.

    Final Results

    Specific Comments:

    1. Duh.
    2. Uh, who are these others? If you have a couple hundred monkeys, slamming on keyboards, then yes, you might be getting the right data to suit your marketing campaign, but it’s still BS.
    3. No.
    4. Hell no.
    5. Are you kidding me? Some of my friends are morons, why would I want them to help me search for things on the web? We’d end up just finding results for Lemon Party and and other spawns of 4Chan no matter what I was searching for. They are jerks.

    But seriously…

    If Bing wants to compete with Google, they shouldn’t try to result to gimmicky marketing campaigns and should instead attempt to provide better search results that are clean, relevant, and let me find what I’m looking for.