1. AT&T: Fixing Bad PR by Blaming Customers

    death-star-attAT&T is playing catch-up to it’s customers this week as they try to fix the bad PR that has been coming to them lately.

    iPhone users have had a grudge against AT&T since … well, nearly the beginning when AT&T’s network dropped a ridiculous amount of calls and for some, still does because of AT&T’s lack of quality 3G coverage.

    Next, when the iPhone 3Gs came out in 2009, AT&T was the sole carrier to not support two new vital features: MMS and tethering. Their excuse was that their network needed to be beefed up, despite being the sole US carrier for the iphone for quite a few years, and being privvy to Apple’s development plan for the iPhone.

    AT&T tried to remedy this negative press by promising that MMS and tethering would be available by end of summer. Ofcourse, they missed this deadline and MMS will be available in the FALL not summer. They also have failed to even mention a launch date for tethering.

    This has caused a huge backlash on Twitter and other online networks as consumers are being increasingly angry with AT&T’s customer service.

    Seth the Blogger Guy

    AT&T launched a video on YouTube yesterday trying to answer the comments. They used “Seth the blogger” guy to make a very informative PR piece. However, even this attempt caused a backlash.

    No one wants to be talked down to by a company rep who looks like he hasn’t shaved in 3 days and is just coming down from a acid trip. Especially when you are paying that company over $150/mo for sub-standard service!

    In addition to this, the video had the tone of blaming customers for AT&T’s poor service, which no one is going to take seriously.

    Recently, there is news coming that the iPhone might be released from it’s exclusive contract with AT&T after 2010 (or 2011) and will be available on other carriers. This will greatly free up customers to move to a better carrier, forcing AT&T to make some meaningful changes to their service, pricing, and support.

    For more info, you can follow AT&T on Twitter. For more biting commentary, you can follow me!

    Update: Even AT&T says AT&T can’t handle the iPhone great article by ComputerWorld that has much more detailed / sourced information than I could come up with.

    Image Credit: Wired.com