Since I often end up making my own abbreviations for emails, I figured the list I could do is provide a index and key of my favorites.

    Note: Use of the following abbreviations is a good way of getting people to hate emailing you… thus cutting down on the number of emails in your inbox. It is important to note that using these will probably also convince others that you are a total jackass. Use at your own peril.

    NNTRUYHQ – No Need To Reply Unless You Have Questions

    Similar to the NNTR abbreviation, this one just reminds people that if they do have questions, I’d be happy to hear from them. But honestly… I’d rather not.

    LMJDIFY? – Let Me Just Do It For You?

    Sometimes, people like to pass the buck simply because they don’t want to perform some simple, or mundane task. When I get these emails, I usually just scream into my plushy Angry Bird toy and then reply with “LMJDIFY?” in an email.

    TTIGM! – Type That Into Google, Moron!

    Perfect for when someone sends you a question that they should have just typed into Google in the first place.

    ITRTBYCD? – Is That Really The Best You Could Do?

    Perfect for when someone has clearly been phoning it in, or you want to make a certain designer cry after he’s done some difficult work and provided you with amazing results. Suggested by @oscargodson.

    ICTYSAM – I Can’t Take Your Shit Any More!

    Reserved for people who have behavior that needs to be requested. Should be used in conjunction with this gif.

    VSRE – Very Short Reply Expected

    A handy abbreviation that lets the recipient of your email know that you’re only expecting a super short reply. Source: @vrypan.

    DNROIWSYITF – Do Not Reply Or I Will Stab You In The Face

    Need I say more?

    OMJTT – Oh My Jonathan Taylor Thomas!

    I went there.

    This post is updated as I craft new acronyms that people will hate.