1. 2017

    This was a difficult year.

    There have been very few situations throughout the year where I did not feel that something was being taken from me, and it started to take a toll.

    I don’t mind the gray hairs, but I did begin to wonder if the feelings of stress and depression were going to be my new normal.

    After years of thriving on stress, I believe that I hit my limit and I decided I would make some changes in the areas of my life where I had some control.

    I abandoned the political hamster wheel of doom.

    I began practicing mindfulness, both at work and in my personal life.

    I chose to invest in friends that invested in me.

    I said thank you more often.

    I slept in until 7 am on a Monday.

    I learned that it was ok to sleep in until 7 am on a Monday.

    I forgave myself for my mistakes.

    Suddenly it’s December, and I’m sitting here scrolling back through the camera roll on my phone, and I see a year that has continually gotten brighter and more filled with happiness.

    This was a difficult year, and that’s ok.