1. 5 Guns Every American Should Own [Video]

    “Last but not least, everybody needs some kind of combat weapon.”

    I am a gun owner. I love them. I have become skilled with them over the years, and I keep them for personal defense in my home. That said, I think part of the disconnect in the national conversation about guns and gun safety roots from comments like the ones made in this video.

    “You could buy a crate of these things [Mosin–Nagant rifles] and about five cases of ammo for about $2,000. That’s a real good, cheap way to arm about 10 men. You all get your technique down, and train properly on this gun and you’ll be very deadly in large numbers.

    This gun will kill just about anything in North America… two legged game of all sorts.”

    Really, so, you’re not actually all about hunting. No, you have an interest in arming people with guns so they can create their own little nut-bag militias. This statement, and many more parts of this video are simply enraging to me.

    It is harder to get a drivers license than it is to get a gun in America and when you start suggesting that Americans need combat weapons, and that they need silencers on their guns, you are treading down an irresponsible — frankly idiotic — path.